24/7 Rehearsal Studios & Creative Spaces

Self-Service Band Practice Space, Recording, & DJ Studios: $12/hr from 12am to 12pm Monday-Friday


Grove Studios is a creative space designed by creatives. Without distraction, artists can focus on their craft, do their best work, and document it in real time with our gear.


Think of us as a cork board full of musicians and artists in the area. Our spaces are occupied by a range of talent always ready to collaborate and grow together.


With easy access to Detroit and Ann Arbor, Grove Studios is built on convenience: Backline gear, 24/7 accessibility, easy load-in, free parking, low hourly prices and monthly memberships.

Safe & Secure

We've all seen the dungeon-like shared spaces where gear gets stolen on the daily. Thanks to technology, our spaces are secure, clean, and we're located in a safe area!

Studio Options

What is Grove Studios?

A rehearsal space you can call home

Welcome to the most electrifying creative den right here in Ypsilanti, a haven for the sonic rebels and digital artisans of Southeast Michigan! Nestled in the heart of that creative corridor stretching from the Motor City to Ann Arbor, Grove Studios is where sonic and visual alchemy take place.

We built a haven where soundscapes are crafted, stories are told, and creativity knows no bounds, connecting individuals with a shared passion for music and the arts. Grove Studios is more than a space; it’s a nurturing environment where ideas flourish and dreams find their resonance.

Our studios are your DIY playground, open 24/7, stocked with all the gear you need, where our community has your back. If you ever need some production mojo, just hit us up at least four days before your session at info@grovestudios.space. We’ll connect you with our network of seasoned pros in a jiffy.

What our clients are saying


Producer & Musician

“Grove is exactly what I was looking for as a musician and producer, 24/7 hassle free studio access. Grove is the perfect place for creatives to bring their ideas to life. Along with the impeccable customer service, Grove is the place to be!”


Nina & The Buffalo Riders

“Grove Studios felt like family as soon as I got there. Such a friendly and relaxing place to create and perform! What they are doing is incredible and a necessity to the music community! I can definitely say that we will be back!”


Stone Beggar Records

“Grove Studios gives me the space to actualize what I’ve wanted to do for years: record and document Detroit bands. Their dedication to local music is inspiring.”


Proud Drummer Mom

“My Son has loved jamming at Grove over the past two years! Great, clean and well cared for facility and great new upgrades, as well. The management team is excellent!”


The Flight Team

“Grove Studios is not only a place where I come to hone my skills and be creative, but also a performance space, a place to gather with and learn from fellow artists. I’ve learned so much from the team and love what they do within the community!”


Kat Steih Music Studio, Musician & Music Educator

“Grove gives me the opportunity to have real-world studio experiences with my students. We’ve been able to have jams and recording sessions in a professional space. I’m so grateful to collaborate with Grove Studios to support both of our small businesses!”


R&B Vocalist & Songwriter

“Grove has been my saving grace. As an independent artist, it’s very hard to find a rehearsal space for my band, as well as nice, accessible places to record music. Grove has been able to help me with that and more.”


Producer & Musician

“Grove is a place where I can turn my musical ideas into reality. All the resources I need are at my disposal and the environment fosters my creativity and inspiration.”


Producer & Musician

“Grove not only offers creatives an affordable space to create, but also an atmosphere that makes it feel as if you are in your own home. Grove has enabled me as a musician and a producer to take my musical journey to the next level.”

Ready to book studio time?

Backstage at Grove Studios

We're a group of music creators and imaginative producers who share a common vision: providing Southeast Michigan's vibrant artistic community with accessible, secure, sustainable, and acoustically excellent spaces to unleash their creativity, mix, master, and craft.

We made Ypsilanti our flagship studio because it's not just our home; it's also an incredible and vibrant community as well as the birthplace of incredible festivals like Totally Awesome Fest, Mittenfest, YpsiArboroo, DIYpsi, Ton Up, Freak Fest and many more. Our mission extends beyond this locale, as we plan to expand our network to locations worldwide, offering makers everywhere the opportunity to rehearse, record, practice, and produce.