Production Studio

From: $25.00



Accommodates up to 4 people. Gear includes Yamaha monitors, 2 condenser mics & stands, interface, keyboard/midi controller w/stand, 2 headphones, computer monitor, keyboard & mouse.



Please bring your own computer with production software. Our production rooms do not include a computer.

Clients must supply their own USB A to B Cable for the interface AND Midi Controller.  If you plan to use both units, you will need TWO cables.

Equipment Provided

Monitors: Pair of Yamaha HS8
Microphones: SE Electronics SE2200II Condenser and AKG P420 Condenser
Interface: Scarlett 18i8
Keyboard/Midi Controller: Novation Impulse 61 Keyboard/Midi Controller
Headphones:  two pair of Beyerdynamic DT770
Other: External Screen, Keyboard & Mouse, Mic Stands, Keyboard Stand

Keep Your Interface Drivers Fresh and Download Scarlett Mix Control:

Our studios are not perfectly sound isolated. You will experience some sound bleed when other clients are using adjacent studios. Clients recording with mics at Grove find the most success between midnight and 12pm noon when there is less band studio activity. Weekdays may allow more quiet time until about 2pm.

Our facility is not staffed. If you need engineering or production assistance, please contact at least 4 days or more before booking your session so we can connect you with our independent network of pro’s. 

Although we do our best to keep equipment in rooms as listed, we sometimes need to replace broken equipment with different makes or models.