• Grove Room

    $20/hr Peak (4pm - 12am) $10/hr Off-Peak (12am - 4pm) Accommodates up to an 8 person band. Gear includes mixer, monitors, powered sub, vocal mics, bass amp, guitar amp, drum kit minus cymbals/snare. Lounge with futon, fridge, desk, monitors, computer monitors.More Info
  • Classic Room

    $15/hr Peak (4pm - 12am) $8/hr Off-Peak (12am - 4pm) Accommodates up to a 5 person band. Gear includes mixer, speakers, vocal mics, bass amp, guitar amps, and drum kit minus cymbals and snare.More Info
  • Room A – Production

    $25/hr Peak (3pm - 2am) $20/hr Off-Peak (2am - 3pm) Gear includes drum kit, mixer with effects, 20-channel mixer, loudspeakers, vocal mics, monitors, condenser mic, headphones, and keyboard controller.More Info
  • DJ – Room C

    $15/hr Peak (4pm - 12am) $10/hr Off-Peak (12am - 4pm) Gear includes 1x Pioneer DJM900NXS2CDJ2000NXS2, 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2, 2x Pioneer XPRS12 12 IN 2400W SPEAKERS, 1 Sennheiser e865 Vocal Microphone and Stand.More Info
  • Sale!


    From: $149.00 / month for 6 months
    • 24/7 self service rehearsal and production rooms
    • Free Parking
    • Convenient location across from EMU campus
    • Storage of equipment for Residents
    • Convenient  and secure coded lock access
    • Security Cameras
    • Climate controlled
    • Peace of mind - Grove is insured
    • Yamaha and Mackie Mixers, Mackie and EV Powered Monitors, Sennheiser Mics
    • Guitar, Bass Amp, and Drum Kit backlined hourly rooms
    • Solid-core doors and masonry walls with foam insulation and drywall paneling for better sound isolation between rooms
    • Dedicated scheduling to block out times for your band
    • Use of our hourly spaces when they're not booked
    • Community lounge and clean restrooms
    • Courtyard for breaks and outdoor acoustic jams
    • 25% discount on our educational and masterclass workshops, event space rental, music business and financial consulting
    • Support of the Grove community of artists, musicians and resources
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