Singer Dani Darling connects the present to the past and escapes into ‘The Future’

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Danielle Davis was on a beach along Lake Michigan, basking under the sun during what felt like some of the darkest of days, contemplating the future.

And listening to Pink Floyd.

“If you can believe it, I had never heard Dark Side of the Moon all the way through,” Davis tells Metro Times.

Davis was out for what felt like a very cautious road trip with her best friend Noor, departing Ann Arbor and heading to the state’s west coast at the end of May 2020. “Dark Side really did it for me — that sort of escapism, if even for a little bit,” Davis says. “Because the pandemic was still in its early stages then and George Floyd had just been killed, so it was all very intense.”

Davis is otherwise known as Dani Darling, which is both her artistic moniker and the namesake for her band. And it was that moment, on a nearly deserted beach in the weary summer of ’20, when inspiration struck: Davis wanted to make something grand. Something cosmic and entrancing. Something that felt like it could carry you away for a while, but still acknowledge the full gravity of our current situation. She wanted something that could be cathartic, fanciful, and rejuvenating all at once. And with a boost from both the Amplify Project and Grove Studios out of Ypsilanti, she was able to bring her vision to life.

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