Courtyard Stage

Book Late or Book Early and Save!

Book studio time in ANY studio between 12am and 12pm for only $12hr Monday through Friday!

$13/hr (9am-9pm)

Do you want to jam or produce with the wide open sky above your head? Our Courtyard Stage is open 9am to 9pm for those who would rather do their thing outdoors.  Since we’re in an industrial park, we don’t have neighbors that will be bothered by your jams. We hope this unique solution will be useful for you! Please bring your own PA and any other gear you need will need for your rehearsal or production session. You will use your access code to access power and extension cords through the BACK door in the courtyard. The same access code will be used for the FRONT door for restroom use during your session. Please be aware the Courtyard Stage is NOT available for rent for private or open to the public events.