Metro Detroit hip hop artist Rod Wallace: Amplifying music, education and community

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part of a series partnering with Ypsilanti’s Grove Studios to spotlight artists from the east side of Michigan — an endeavor aimed at bridging the gap between east and west. Today, writer Lori Stratton profiles hip hop producer Rod Wallace who has become a leader in spearheading collaborative hip-hop projects and launching a fellowship program for black artists.

Fueled by community, collaboration and creativity, Rod Wallace continually breaks the mold.

The metro Detroit educator, hip-hop producer and community leader quickly builds and sustains local partnerships rooted in artistry, advocacy and awareness, including Washtenaw County’s Amplify Fellowship for black artists.

“It’s been a manifestation of all of the work that I’ve ever done involving collaboration, connecting music to the community and involving the education side of music. It’s also included a production, engineering and project management side, and all of those things have played a part in making it special for me,” Wallace said.

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