Meet Our New Interns – Josh Stewart & Genna MacPhee

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We’re excited to introduce our two new interns, Josh Stewart and Genna MacPhee, at Grove Studios. We recently sat down with Josh and Genna to learn more about their passion for music, internship focus and plans for the future.

How did you develop an interest in music?

Josh: When we were little, my sister and I would run around the house clanging pots together to Alabama and Petra. I got a real taste for it in middle and high school once I started participating in musicals and choir. I began to lead worship for some of my church groups, and in college I started learning guitar, piano and music theory.

Genna: Growing up, my entire family was actively involved in music. My grandpa was a drummer, my grandma sang in the choir, and my dad and sister played the bass. It was almost inevitable for me to follow in their footsteps. I started piano lessons as a child and later taught myself guitar and started writing.

Where did you go to school?

Josh: I graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville with a Bachelor of Arts in theology and ministry and a minor in music. Now, I attend Washtenaw Community College in pursuit of a certificate of audio production and engineering.

Genna: I attended Wayne State University and have a degree in music business and a minor in public relations.

What role do you currently play in our local music community?

Josh: I just moved to Washtenaw County at the beginning of the year. I’ve played a couple gigs at Unity Vibration, but I’m looking forward to getting even more plugged into the local music community here.

Genna: I like to keep up with my favorite local artists with any of their new music and now new shows. I’ll occasionally perform here and there and would love to branch into that more with everything opening back up!

How did you first learn about Grove Studios?

Josh: I found out about Grove through my own research online, just looking for studios or other places where I might have an opportunity to learn.

Genna: I first learned about Grove Studios through my music business professor, who had reached out to me about this internship opportunity.

What do you hope to accomplish during your internship with Grove Studios?

Josh: I’m excited to learn more about audio engineering in both live and studio environments and get some practice doing it on my own. I’m also hoping to establish some good connections to people involved in the local music scene.

Genna: I really hope to gain a new perspective on how this entity of the music industry functions. I especially enjoy learning about how a newer business builds their brand.

What type of career do you plan to pursue in the music industry?

Josh: Right now, I’m aiming to be well-rounded. I’m very interested in live music at the moment, but I’d like to do some combination of live mixing, studio production, playing gigs, and maybe even producing and releasing some of my own music. Currently, I don’t have much going on besides the couple of gigs and being involved at Grove. I’m looking for more, so hit me up!

Genna: As I start to venture into my career, I’m interested in working in public relations for music corporations, such as venues, festivals, labels, etc. I’m also really passionate about songwriting and would love to write for other artists.

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