Laura Rain and the Caesars Heat Up Saturday’s Summer Soul Fest

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At Grove Studios, we’re celebrating the start of summer with Saturday’s Summer Soul Fest show featuring Laura Rain and the Caesars, Al Bettis, George Montrelle and Sonny Dulphi. We recently spoke with Rain about her background, her latest single, “I Am,” her unplugged duo set for Saturday’s show and her plans for new material.

How did you get started in music while growing up in Detroit? How did artists like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Parliament-Funkadelic inspire you?

Music was a gift. At a very young age music pulled me in. I have been obsessed with Detroit soul and gospel for a very long time. I love everything about those artists; what inspires me the most is their effortless mastery and authenticity.

How did you and George Friend come to form Laura Rain and the Caesars in 2012? What do George and your bandmates help bring to the band’s overall sound and creative vision?

I met George in 2012, and we started writing a week later. Laura Rain and the Caesars was formed with a Detroit organ-based soul trio in mind. All of the musicians we have had in our group have brought their own thing that has added to our show and music in that moment in time.

Your latest single, “I Am,” serves as soulful anthem for self-empowerment and authenticity. What originally inspired that track for you? How does it provide people with a sense of freedom and growth as they celebrate their individuality?

I am inspired to write many of my songs from a deep connection from my higher self. Some of the songs I write definitely come from how I want to feel as my best self. Many songs are with an intent to move and transcend with a positive motivational force.

What do you have planned for your unplugged live set at Grove Studios on Saturday? Will you be performing any new tracks and/or past favorites? What will it be like to share the stage with Al Bettis, George Montrelle and Sonny Dulphi?

We will perform a couple of our best loved tunes as the duo, George and I, and several new tunes that will be released on our upcoming album. I dig these very talented artists that will be joining us on the bill at Grove Studios. They all have good songwriting skills and soulful voices, and I look forward to seeing them perform.

What plans do you have for writing, recording and releasing additional new material later this year through LRK Records? Will you continue to release singles or do you plan to release another album? 

We will be releasing singles digitally for the next several months in conjunction with a portion from our full-length album on LRK this year. We are also working on other projects with several other producers. In short, more music to come.

Show details:

Summer SOULstice with Laura Rain and the Caesars, Al Bettis, George Montrelle & Sonny Dulphi

Saturday, Aug. 28 | Doors 6 p.m.

Grove Studios, 884 Railroad St. in Ypsilanti

Tickets: $15

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