Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day! We hope you’re able to get outside today to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and think of ways to make a positive impact on our environment. One of our key operational principles includes supporting and promoting sustainability in our community. It also aligns with our Core Value of Integrity by doing what’s right instead of what’s convenient.

With that thought in mind, we’re stoked to share some cool new sustainability people and projects in honor of Earth Day:
Shawn Grose – As our new Sustainability Coordinator, Shawn brings over 30 years of experience connecting people to the natural world. He’s committed to helping us grow our triple bottom line of people, profitability and planet and developing and implementing our Sustainable Development Goals, which are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to achieve a more sustainable future.

Shawn also specializes in wilderness survival, green schools, green STEM education and sustainability and previously served as the Eco-Action team leader at Livonia’s Hoover Elementary School. He holds a patent in sustainable brewing systems and uses a Pedal-Power Brewing System that’s fueled by wind and solar energy and bikes to brew beer. Outside of brewing and sustainability, Shawn plays bass and bagpipes.

Grove Green Team – We’re planning to sell limited-edition Grove Studios merch, including cool shirts and hats, via our website soon. All proceeds will help support the creation of a new biodiversity garden located in our courtyard behind the studio. We also will be recruiting volunteers to help with this project and launching an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to support it. Stay tuned for more info!

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