Grove Studios Hosts Beanstalk Album Release Show Saturday

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It’s time to grab those dancing shoes for Beanstalk’s Loving Among Us album release show Saturday at Grove Studios. Beanstalk’s second album features sounds from the KORG Prologue to take fans on an intergalactic house synth journey. We recently spoke to Beanstalk’s Riley Bean about his new release and plans for Saturday’s show:

How did you get involved in music while growing up in Ann Arbor?

I started drumming and playing percussion when I was 11. I played throughout school and in bands here and there. I grew up on classic rock and Motown and started getting into more modern electronic and other styles toward the end of high school. Since then, I’ve been influenced by a wide range of artists, including Marvin Gaye, Crazy P, Justice, Chic, Todd Terje and more.

How did your musical journey lead you to become Beanstalk? 

I started writing songs in college and quickly developed an aesthetic/vibe, which I turned into a solo project, Beanstalk. The early days were mostly on the ambient electronic side and then into ’80s synth pop. Now, I blend my past with a new brand of electronic music that fuses disco, house and synth-based sounds. Loving Among Us leans more toward the crunchy, synthy side of things and is tied into more of a dancy DJ vibe live.

What inspired you to fuse a disco, dance and house synth sound for your solo project? 

My albums have been driven by my influences as well as my equipment buys. At the start of COVID, I bought a KORG Prologue synth and fell in love with the high-def, yet raw presets and started crafting my own sounds. I added a little other worldly inspiration and Loving Among Us was born. My first album, Tidal Waves, was made with the Ensoniq 16-plus sampling keyboard to create those retro sounds.

What do you have planned for your live set Saturday at Grove Studios? 

The set will be in my recent style of a DJ/live hybrid with synth, vocals and percussion over a continuous, high-energy show. I will play Loving Among Us in its entirety and include some inspiration tracks mixed in the middle. You’ll have to be there to see; I have some special surprises planned. While I like to have extra live elements, there are no sit-ins for this one – just straight up Beanstalk action. With all my music projects, I prioritize the audience experience so they feel at home, safe and free to let loose, whether it’s on the dance floor or in their own heart.

How will Messy J & The Great Codini and Sage Flip help energize the crowd Saturday?

Messy J & The Great Codini with added word-smithery from Kolorblind is the perfect kickoff at 6:30 p.m. Codini is the best talk-box synth player, and I just met Sage Flip recently. I feel as though we’re musical kindred spirits, and he shares the music I’m into and will rocket the night into the Loving Among Us set. They’re all super positive people and fun to be around.

Show details:

Beanstalk Loving Among Us Album Release Show

Saturday, July 24 | Doors 6 p.m.

Grove Studios, 884 Railroad St. in Ypsilanti

Tickets: $15 each

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