Grove Studios Co-Sponsors Oct. 28 EMU AMP! Java Jam

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At Grove Studios, we’re excited to co-sponsor and provide audio for a very cool live event on Thursday, Oct. 28 with EMU’s AMP! student organization, which connects student artists with audiences, venues, and opportunities. Known as Java Jam, the event will include a fun live music showcase and karaoke at Bobcat Bonnie’s in Ypsilanti.

We recently spoke with Isabel Barreto, AMP! vice president, about the event, our partnership and upcoming plans for the student organization:

What can people expect from the Oct. 28 Java Jam event at Bobcat Bonnie’s in Ypsi? How will the event help showcase some of our community’s emerging musical, artistic, and creative talent?

People can expect EMU students coming together and experiencing live entertainment at Bobcat Bonnie’s. This event is a tradition for AMP! to showcase musical talent and explore it. Live entertainment since COVID-19 has been hard, but following EMU COVID guidelines will allow us to be in person again!

One artist group that will be performing is Abbey Byrne & Evan Beane. They have been performing for the past five years and have been in bands ranging from full rock and roll to an acoustic sound.

Why did AMP! decide to partner with Grove Studios to co-host this event? How does Grove Studios serve as a valuable resource for our local music/artistic community?

AMP!’s mission is to connect EMU student artists with audiences, venues, and opportunities, and empower them to take their creative practices and move them into careers. AMP! values community engagement and provides students with a resource like Grove Studios to help them further their careers in music. Grove Studios is an asset for Eastern Michigan University and Ypsilanti.

How and when did you become involved in AMP! at EMU? How does this student organization help support and promote student artists in Washtenaw County? 

I became fully involved with AMP! last year when COVID-19 hit. Learning about how to run events online was tough, but relearning how to make them in person was an even harder lesson to learn. AMP! supports all students throughout the semester with monthly member meetings and events like Java Jam.

On Nov. 4, AMP! will host a Paint and Pastries event in the Student Center room 300 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Events like these are open to all students, artists or non-artists. We encourage people to get involved, and by interacting with Eastern Michigan University, students can help us figure out what needs artists have on campus.

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