Room A – Production


$25/hr Peak (3pm – 2am)

$20/hr Off-Peak (2am – 3pm)

Gear includes drum kit, mixer with effects, 20-channel mixer, loudspeakers, vocal mics, monitors, condenser mic, headphones, and keyboard controller.


$25/hr Peak (3pm – 2am)

$20/hr Off-Peak (2am – 3pm)

Please Bring your own computer. Our production studios do not include a computer.


  • M-Audio BX5A Powered Studio Monitors
  • SE Electronics SE220 Large Diagram Condenser Mic
  • Beyer DT770 Studio Headphones
  • External 23.5″ Screen, External Mouse & Keyboard

Midi Controller Keyboard: Novation Impulse 61 Key


  • Yamaha MG12XU 12-Channel Mixer
  • Mackie Thump12A 12 in. Powered Loudspeakers
  • 3 Sennheiser E825-S Dynamic Vocal Microphones
  • Drum Kit – TBA

Amps: 1968 Fender Twin, and Peavey TNT 100 1×15 (Additional available upon request)

Although we do our best to keep equipment in rooms as listed, we sometimes need to replace broken equipment with different makes or models.