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The first Grove Studios location in Ypsilanti, Michigan (Metro-Detroit) was created to solve the problems in a space that lacked innovation, affordability, and accessibility. So we built the first fully backlined 24/7 self-service creative studios for music rehearsal, performance, and audio/video production in the United States. In doing so, we made it our mission to not only make professional and creative studio space accessible to all who seek it, and when they need it, but built our vision around empowering people and communities to create and be heard.

Part of that vision is to scale our studio locations to 200 creative communities around the world using modular cargo architecture, innovative design and construction methods, IoT technologies, and a relentless focus on community, economic empowerment, and equity.

Our established core values of community, resilience, aesthetics, integrity, and innovation are what drive every decision we make. With key principles around building sustainable, inclusive, and creative environments that are fun, inspiring, open, and transparent in operations, we strive to transform the future of creative studios for all.

We’re seeking strategic partners and investors to help with our vision. Write us