24/7 Creative Studios

Book self-service music, DJ, podcast, photography, video and live-streaming space for as little as $13/hr.

24/7 Access

Jam, write, rework, and record anytime, day or night. At Grove Studios, you can create when it’s right for you. All studios are accessible 24/7 with FREE OpenLIVE recording in our band and DJ studios.

High Fidelity

Make as much noise as you want and don’t worry about disturbing the neighbors. At Grove Studios, every studio is sound attenuated with acoustic panels, masonry walls, and solid core doors.

Online Booking

At Grove Studios, you don’t have to wait for anyone except your band mates.  With easy online and mobile booking, you can book anywhere and anytime to get your access code to your preferred studio.

Top Gear

Our hourly studios at Grove Studios are fully back-lined with pro gear from Fender, Pearl, Pioneer, Yamaha, Rode, Sennheiser, and AKG, so you can focus on creating.

Easy Unloading

Get in and out without a hassle with free parking and easy load in and out. Most of our studios are also ground level and ADA accessible so you can move around and get to creating easily.

  • Fully backlined music practice and band rehearsal studio with drumset, amps, PA system, and sound treatment
  • Music production studio with Yamaha studio monitors, microphones, midi keyboard, and couch
  • Music production studio with Yamaha studio monitors, microphones, and midi keyboard.

The Digs

Creatives from all around Southeast Michigan now have a rehearsal and creative space to call home in Ypsilanti.

Located in one of Michigan’s most creative corridors spanning from Detroit to Ann Arbor, Grove offers space to meet, make, collaborate, and learn. Grove Studios has the space and gear you need and the community to help you grow.

Whether you’re a musician, DJ, podcaster, producer, teacher, videographer or photographer, each studio is available 24/7, self-service and back-lined with the gear you need.

Who We Are

We’re musicians, hip hop artists, photographers, videographers, producers, creative industry entrepreneurs and friends who needed a space to do what we love. We looked around and realized there were lots of creative people just like us—full of passion with nowhere to practice and produce. So we created Grove Studios.

Why We’re Here

Grove Studios is where creatives come to make music, create amazing content, and collaborate within an inclusive community of diverse people. Ypsilanti is home to our flagship location because it just made sense to start here.

The annual Totally Awesome Fest, Mittenfest and YpsiArboroo each host over 60 local bands in three separate weekends, the DIYpsi Art fair hosts over 85 vendors, and First Fridays Ypsilanti spans over 25 venues the first Friday of every month throughout the year. Ann Arbor is home to the annual Summerfest, Tech Jam and Ann Arbor Art Fair. 

Not to mention Washtenaw County is home to countless music venues, contains over 70K in creative jobs, and is home to four major colleges and universities, making it the fourth largest creative county in the state. That’s why our roots start here – your “Grove” to grow, if you will.

Our future includes the expansion of a second location in Detroit, with a five and ten year plan focused on rapid growth that will lead to 200+ locations in North America built with our cargo architecture concept that you can learn more about here.

Your Music

Your Space to

Jam & Create

What Creatives are Saying

  • "An amazing place for musicians and artists to meet, and collaborate!"

    Aaron Deakins
    Aaron Deakins Musician and DJ
  • "Grove is something special."

    Royale Witherspoon
    Royale Witherspoon Hip-Hop Artist
  • "I could tell this place has a special vibe and energy for artists to gather and cultivate their work."

    Antonia Moses
    Antonia Moses Musician
  • “Grove Studios is a haven for the creative mind, soul and body. I finally have a place to play my guitar and time is on my side. No neighbors knocking on my door to keep it down."

    Shaun Maazza
    Shaun Maazza Guitarist for The DayNites
  • "Grove is exactly what I was looking for as a musician and producer, 24/7 hassle free studio access. Grove is the perfect place for creatives to bring their ideas to life. Along with the impeccable customer service, Grove is the place to be!"

    EJ Croft
    EJ Croft Producer & Musician
  • "Grove Studios felt like family as soon as I got there. Such a friendly and relaxing place to create and perform! What they are doing is incredible and a necessity to the music community! I can definitely say that we will be back!"

    Nina Sofia
    Nina Sofia Nina & The Buffalo Riders
  • "Grove Studios gives me the space to actualize what I've wanted to do for years: record and document Detroit bands. Their dedication to local music is inspiring."

    John Mackey
    John Mackey Stone Beggar Records
  • "My Son has loved jamming at Grove over the past two years! Great, clean and well cared for facility and great new upgrades, as well. The management team is excellent!"

    Lori C
    Lori C Proud Drummer Mom
  • “Grove Studios is not only a place where I come to hone my skills and be creative, but also a performance space, a place to gather with and learn from fellow artists. I’ve learned so much from the team and love what they do within the community!”

    Neiko Thomas-Cook (DJ Nitro)
    Neiko Thomas-Cook (DJ Nitro) The Flight Team
  • “Grove gives me the opportunity to have real-world studio experiences with my students. We’ve been able to have jams and recording sessions in a professional space. I’m so grateful to collaborate with Grove Studios to support both of our small businesses!”

    Kat Steih
    Kat Steih Kat Steih Music Studio, Musician & Music Educator
  • “Grove has been my saving grace. As an independent artist, it’s very hard to find a rehearsal space for my band, as well as nice, accessible places to record music. Grove has been able to help me with that and more.”

    Kenyatta Rashon
    Kenyatta Rashon R&B Vocalist & Songwriter
  • “Grove is a place where I can turn my musical ideas into reality. All the resources I need are at my disposal and the environment fosters my creativity and inspiration.”

    Charlie Supernois (Chuck The Show)
    Charlie Supernois (Chuck The Show) Producer & Musician
  • “Grove not only offers creatives an affordable space to create, but also an atmosphere that makes it feel as if you are in your own home. Grove has enabled me as a musician and a producer to take my musical journey to the next level.”

    Joshua Patton (JoshHype)
    Joshua Patton (JoshHype) Producer & Musician
  • “Grove provides a safe place to see my music therapy clients and is wheelchair accessible. They are an asset to the community by putting on performances, events and an incubator for creative people. Grove rocks well!”

    Graham Rockwood
    Graham Rockwood Rock Well Music Therapy Founder

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884 Railroad St, Suite B, Ypsilanti, MI 48197


+ 1 (734) 985-0838



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